How To Make Jam

There are lots of books available that give you recipes and instructions, or just google.

How to Make Jam – Easily! With step by step photos, recipe ingredientsĀ .jam.

You will need a jam pan or large saucepan.

Rhubarb Jam

910g (2 lb) rhubarb

910g (2 lb) sugar



Wash and trim rhubarb, cut into small pieces.

Add small amount of water to cover, cook until,soft.

Add sugar.

Bring to boil, keep stirring!

Cook for 15 mins approx.

Test for set.

To make rhubarb and ginger jam add finely 28g (1,oz) grated foot ginger or powdered ginger to taste.


To test for set.

Put a couple of small dishes or saucers into the fridge.

When you think the jam is ready put a spoonful onto a cold saucer.

Leave for a few minutes. If jam has a skin or wrinkles when touched, then it is ready to pot.

Always use clean sterilised jars.


Easy berry recipes

Blackberry, raspberry

You will need an equal amount of fruit and sugar.

Wash the fruit, add a very small,amount of water.

Bring to boil. When the fruit is soft add the sugar. Stir well!

After 10-15 mins the jam should be ready.


If using strawberries, you will have to add some lemon juice to get a good set.

Don’t overcook!