Digging is the name of the game this month. Whether we are planting new bushes and trees, or clearing and preparing new beds, we will hopefully still be able to dig all but the heaviest soils. Compost heaps are worth their weight in gold now as our annual garden waste, well-rotted, dark and crumbly, can be put back into our soil for next year’s crops. There is great enjoyment to be had working in the fresh air for the annual tidy up, and getting ready for winter.

Here at the Community Garden, we are moving our soft fruit bushes, so the roots have more space and we have better access to their fruit next year. We are also feeding our fruit trees with our homemade compost, and filling up the Leaf mould cage.

A team from Timberland came to help us last week, making light work of our black currents! Massive thank you for all your hard work.

Other Jobs that want doing this month:

  • Cover broad beans
  • Prune gooseberries
  • Stake brussels against the wind
  • Protect brassicas from pigeon damage