10 things to do with chervil

 Add some chervil to a creamy courgette soup, or sprinkle over courgettes sautéed in olive oil with a bit of lemon zest and a squeeze of juice.
 Pound some chervil into butter with sea salt, black pepper and a little lemon juice to make a seasoned butter to go with steak or lobster.
 In autumn, add it to mushrooms sautéed in butter and finished with cream.
 In winter, add it to a celeriac and potato purée.
 Stir some into mayonnaise to go with goujons of fish or chicken.
 Add it to scrambled eggs.
 Make a dip for radishes by stirring together some soft goat’s cheese and yogurt until smooth, and stirring in some chervil, salt and pepper.
 Sprinkle it over roasted fennel.
 Mixed with seasoned breadcrumbs and a little very finely diced shallot, chervil makes a good topping for grilled oysters.
 For an easy potato salad, dress boiled potatoes while they’re still warm with a vinaigrette laced with plenty of chervil.